In 2019 the world experienced the largest universal protests in history as millions of people took to the streets to protest the inactivity of government, and corporations, to combat climate change and be better stewards of our planet. All of it led by a 15 year old Greta Thunberg who has inspired an entire generation to demand action.


The impact of human beings on the planet is undeniable. With climate change, pollution, and the mass destruction of ecosystems across the globe we know that the status quo is not sustainable. Saving the planet is about much more than just us. Earth is home to billions of species, including humans, that cannot survive anywhere else in the known universe - we simply cannot ignore the reality that is before us.


With the advance of social media over the last decade companies have a unique opportunity to understand our future customers better than at any time in history. The Greta's of today are the customers of tomorrow, and if we want to be relevant to our customers, we need to pay attention.


As with any other business, Haystax has a social responsibility to not only care for our home, but to also build our business to support a strong and vibrant future for all. So we had to ask ourselves, what could we as a new, small, online company do?


While we may not have the power of large multi-billion dollar organizations like banks, or the large broker brands in Canada, we can play a part in safeguarding our future. We can wait for others and follow their lead, or we can be the agent of change that is needed - and act.


At Haystax, we have chosen to act.


Savvy businesses know that protecting our planet is a key priority for the customers of the future. As a result, there are more and more companies that are looking at finding ways to be more environmentally responsible.


When we look at the industry in which we work, there are a few companies that offer greening 'solutions' to their customers. What seems to be a common factor is that these businesses offer the clients the opportunity to purchase carbon offsets.


While this is in many ways a great step forward, the challenge is that it adds extra cost to the consumer to do business. In some cases it can add hundreds of dollars to what a consumer pays. At Haystax, we think there is a better way.


Haystax is an online business, and that means that by nature we will have a smaller carbon footprint than most of our competitors. That said, we still felt it was very important to do everything we can to mitigate our footprint and help build a better company that listens to the wants and needs of our customers today, and well into the future.


Haystax has partnered with Tree Canada to build our green program. For every mortgage that we provide a client, we will plant 2 trees for every year of the mortgage terms. All of it at no cost to our customers, and regardless of the lender partner we work with to advance the mortgage.


With the average mortgage in Canada being a 5 year term, that means we will plant an average of 10 trees per mortgage. Assuming a 25 year amortization, and our clients coming back to us at least twice for renewals, that means for this customer we would plant a total of 30 trees. If our client does all of their renewals with us we would plant a total of 50 trees. That will not only help offset the carbon produced in doing the mortgage, but will replace the 22 trees that are used to build the average home in Canada.

At Haystax we are truly providing mortgages today, for a better tomorrow.

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